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  1. Repair your vehicle - Get back on the road.
  2. Submit your receipt - File your claim.
  3. Choose your payment method - Receive your payout in as little as 3-5 days.

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Roadside Provider

Warranty Company

No Warranty

$ 14.99 /mo

Haspro Standard

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Haspro Premium


Claims Expectations


Simple, hassle free reimbursement process.

Vehicle Concierge Advisor


Get unlimited personalinzed vehicle care advice.

Tire Repair or Replacement


For when your tire needs to be repaired or replaced if necessary. We'll also get your spare on if needed.

Up to $100 per occurrence

Windshield Glass


When a pebble hits your windshield from the big rig in front of you, we'll repair it.

Up to $100 per occurrence

Trip Interruption


If you take a trip tomorrow and breakdown, we will pay for your lunch, dinner, and even your hotel, if you need to stay somewhere overnight while your vehicle is repaired.

Up to $100 a day. Maxmimum $300 per occurence



When something breaks and you need a tow.

Up to $100 per occurrence

Fuel Delivery


If you run out of fuel, we'll travel out to you and get you on your way with gas.

Up to $100 per occurence

Car Rental


You still need to get around when your vehicle is in the shop

Up to $30 per day, and max $150 per breakdown

Lockout Services


Leave your keys in your locked vehicle? No worries, we'll get you back in the vehicle - 24/7

Up to $100 per occurrence

Brake System (See Plan For Details)


(ABS wheel speed sensor) When your breaks aren't working, it's no laughing matter

For vehicles under 150k miles

Oil Changes


Maintenance is a key component in keeping your vechile expenses low.

1 oil change every six months, up to $40 for conventional oil; or up to $55 for synthetic oil blends, diesel, and larger v8 vehicles.

Brake Pads/Shoes


Worn out break pads? We will pay toward the replacement of your break pads/shoes.

Up to $130, one-time use every 36 months.

Battery Replacement


Your vehicle won't start because of a dead battery? Don't worry, we will pay toward the replacement of a failed battery.

Up to $100, one-time use every 36 months.

Cooling System Maintenance & Lube


Keep your cooling system cool. We will pay toward a drain/refill, pressure check and more.

Up to $40, one-time use every 36 months.

Wiper Blades Replacement


Keep your view clear. We will pay toward replacement of your wiper blades.

Up to $30, one-time use every 36 months.

Safety Inspection


Need an inspection for your registration? We will pay toward a safety inspection.

Up to $40, one-time use every 36 months.

The Haspro Difference: We're not a warranty!

At Haspro, we're all about Car Care Plans, not warranties. Warranties can be as perplexing as navigating in the dark - full of ambiguity and puzzles. Haspro offers a clear and uncomplicated solution.

With over two decades of data-driven insights, we've found that well-maintained vehicles* typically spend less than $1500 on repairs over six years. When you consider that warranties, on average, cost around $1,000 annually, it becomes apparent that opting for an expensive warranty, which may not even cover all your needs, seems unnecessary. Instead, stick to your maintenance schedule and watch your savings grow.

That's where Haspro comes into play. We keep it simple for you, regardless of the car you drive. Haspro's straightforward 1-2-3 claims process reimburses you for your regular maintenance expenses and ensures you have enough savings to handle unexpected issues, all while keeping some extra change in your pocket.

As a courtesy, if those big repairs do become necessary, we'll do what we can to help arrange financing, making it easier for you to manage.**

*5 – 10 year old vehicle following manufacturers recommended maintenance.

**Must be an active customer for at least 6 months.

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Compared to traditional warranty coverage after premiums and deductibles